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Review - Teach Me To Forget by Erica M Chapman

Grief and pain consume Ellery Steven’s life.

At school she puts on a show.  For her one and only friend, Jackson Gray, she pretends to be the same happy go lucky person she’s always been.  At home she’s become an actress with a penchant for portraying the picture of happiness and health.

No one knows the real Ellery Steven’s…until the night she tries to commit suicide.

So she has the gun, has planned out the perfect scenario of what to do, and is one click away from easing her pain.  Except when her plans get completely botched and she’s left feeling as though she can’t even get suicide right.

In walks fellow classmate, Colter Sawyer.  Colter recognizes the signs, he knows all about what Ellery has been up to and he’s desperate to change her mind.  But can he?  Can anyone get through to a girl whose given up on hope and succumbed to her grief?  And if he can get through to her, does that mean he’s redeemed for his own past?

Getting into this book was not hard at all.  The plot was on point, the characters were believable and the writing style helped for the story to be told in a fluid and flawless way.  There were certain aspects that were a little harder to believe than most, but ultimately the story came together in a way that will touch your heart and have you believing that hope and faith will triumph against the grief and pain both main characters are feeling. 

Added bonus…Jackson Gray.  I love, love, LOVED his character.  He brought the comedic relief at certain times, but ultimately was just a really good guy with a heart of gold.  He’s the type to be friends with just about anyone and will defend his friends at the drop of a hat.

If you enjoyed All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven, you will find that this story is definitely going to be one you have to pick up. 

Erica Chapman is a fantastic author and I cannot wait to read more of her work.

Happy Reading!

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