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Friday, August 21, 2015

Review - The Spirit Keeper by K.B. Laugheed

How would it feel to be the thirteenth child in a family who cared nothing for you?  How would it feel to be used and abused in a time where the harsh cold reality of life wasn’t tempered by the warmth and hope of a better life?  Now…put all those emotions into the year 1747 and put yourself into the mindset of a seventeen year old young woman who had dealt with exactly as described.

Meet Katie O’Toole, a young Irish woman, born into a family where she is not appreciated, she is looked down upon and forced to endure an abusive mother, an alcoholic father, and siblings who taunt and tease her for who she is.  Through everything, this young woman is resilient and continued to take everything that happens to her and still be able to take care of her family.  Sounds pretty depressing most would say.

However, one fateful day, everything changes!  Katie and her family are taken captive by a group of Indians and forced on a trek through the wilderness to a destination unknown.  Though they are fearful for their lives, it doesn’t stop her family from taunting her when one of the Indians, Syawa, begins to shower her with attention.  She is given hospitality that her family does not receive and ultimately is faced with a decision of staying with her family or going on an incredible journey with two of the Indians who hold them captive.  How hard of a decision would that be?  Could YOU make such a decision?

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