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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Review - Reawakened by Colleen Houck

Rotting mummies, sand pits, and New York…did we step into an alternate reality?  Nope not quite!  Actually, we’ve just stepped into Colleen Houck’s latest YA novel, Reawakened.  In the first of this incredible new series, Colleen takes us on a magical adventure to Egypt complete with ancient curses, reawakened mummies, and a heroine whom I’m sure MANY can relate to.  Plus there are hot Egyptian princes and who doesn’t love that?!

Lilliana Young has always abided by her parents rule.  She’s associated with the people they wanted her to associate with, she’s gotten excellent grades, and her college decisions are right around the corner.  The daughter to a “successful international finance lawyer” and a media company guru, she’s really got it all in most people’s opinion.  For the most part, Lilliana has accepted her fate that her life will forever be dictated in such a way to follow in her parents footsteps.


…she heads into the closed off Egyptian exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I won’t give you any huge details, but I can tell you she gets WAY more out of that particular exhibit than she was bargaining for!

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